Patton Oswalt

The air caught fire the sun died and the only thing I knew was to keep carrying the love you gave us

I read Patton Oswalt’s Thanks, grief this morning on Facebook. I know there is nothing I can say to relieve your grief. I’m just a guy who doodles about love. Thanks, grief got me thinking. I have four kids. I have been married over 22 years. We had our kids late in life. I joke all the time about my wife being indestructible but if anything happened to her I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I am just the chauffeur in this story. My wife is the one who does everything. The one that really loves the kids all day long. I just pop in from time to time to giving them rides all over town. It would be like Alfred getting four Bruce Wayne’s. I wouldn’t be able to cope. Depression and Grief would tag team me like the Hart brother’s did on a new wrestler with no name. They would pummel me into next year. I won’t be able to tend to my own wounds. This is the moment we tag out for help. I have seen over the years the love humanity still has. The wounds our brothers and sisters can heal if we only let them help.

I agree with you 100 percent about not letting Depression and Grief bully you out of living. I praise you for having the strength to finish your wife’s book. I praise you for asking for help. Its those times we stay in a pit of despair that we don’t move forward. Plus having four kids I have learned more about being a loving human being from my kids than I could ever teach them. Lastly like in Justified when Constable Bob is kicking the crap out of him and nobody thinks the little guy is going to win. Well the little guy defeats the bully. Love will defeat depression and grief. I thank you for your letter today. I wish you find the peace and love you need each day. I pray that you continue to pull us out of the nightmare-swamp called life with your humor. I know that humanity needs you and your talent more than ever.