I will never reach my dreams without your love

My foundation for trying to achieve my dreams is because of my families love. Most important is my wife’s love. She gives up so much to allow me to be creative. She believes me. There is so much power in someone believing in you. It gives you the strength to keep climbing. TO achieve a dream is never over night. It’s a long journey. One with a lot of hardship. Money is always tight. Love though flows freely. I know my kids love having me around. We are always dreaming up adventures together. My youngest daughter wants to be an artist. As a family I hope we keep adding more love and happiness to this world each day.

On a positive note I started a writing project I’ve wanted to tackle for a long time. This time I will finish. I have to. I need to. It may end up being a big failure. That doesn’t matter really to me. What matters is doing the work. To leave my mark on this world. One hopefully makes it a little better.

Draw a heart. Show love.