Prodded heart

someday be content
someday be content

I wish I could stop poking and prodding this heart of my. I wish I could be content. Why do we tear at our hearts when everything is going fine? I wish I could be content. Anyone that has worked with me knows that I almost happy with a finished work. I am more happy thinking about the beginning of the work. I always want it to be better. To speak louder. Or just do what I wanted it to do in the first place. Love doesn’t do what you want it to do. I found love when I was running from it. I tried to hide. To go inside a nice little cave I had made inside myself. Love dragged me right out of there and to he honest beat me senseless. I needed it. I had got so lost that i could no longer find the path. I keep trying to be a more loving person. It isn’t easy for me. I would rather go back in that cave. Remember I made it really nice. Love can be like camping without a tent at times. Love can leave you open to all the elements. I will keep drawing hearts everyday in hopes of seeing the raw beauty of love everyday around me.

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