peephole to heart

You found the peephole into my heart

The say you can tell a persons true self when they are dirt poor or rich. I am there. I have sacrificed so much this year to projects that I thought would be successful. Nothing panned out. It stings. I really had some great projects but they just didn’t take off like I needed them to. That is life. I haven’t stopped trying. I don’t think I ever will. I don’t give up on love. I don’t give up on dreams. The only way to really make it is to completely go for broke. You will have no other alternative but to make it. Being Homeless is a good motivator. I’ve had a burning headache all day. I need to drink a big glass of water before bed. Hoping beyond hope that I get a good night sleep. Woke up today at 4:30am. They only good thing that came out of it was I did some writing for my novel. Which made the headache not seem so bad. Have to love for that positive lining. Come on 2017 be my year.

Show love. Draw a heart.