Under the covers

under the covers

We spent the whole winter under the covers

This was the second attempt at the theme I was going for. I’m ok with it. Below is the first attempt. I don’t like the upper part of the painting. Though when I cropped it after scanning I didn’t think it looked to bad.

modern art

We stayed under the covers all winter

I was driving home from working all day and was staring at the sunset. I thought about the skyline being a bed. Wouldn’t it be great to snuggling up there with my wife for the day. Then I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could stay there all winter. Then reality hit. We had to run a bunch of errands. Maybe next year.

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We were magic

Kelsea Ballerini art

We were magic… in a grey crowd we were Neon words Kelsea Ballerini song, Legends

A little like last nights piece. I had so much fun I decided to do another. This is my second attempt at a art piece inspired by the song Legends by Kelsea Ballerini. One day I will do it justice. Tonight’s is more of a sketch then a finished piece. I have a webinar that I want to partake in so I need to get my work done early. Have a good night. keep loving.

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Some how they knew

show your love

Some how they knew

Body shot. It was a long day at work. My muscles cramped up on my several times. Took some pain killers. Hopefully I will sleep through the night. I doubt I will. Most like will wake up in pain. Pushed myself to create some art tonight. When you show love the world will see it. Don’t allow other people decide your happiness.

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Lived in buildings


in buildings
We lived
in your
the stars

This blog isn’t about making money. It’s not a blog about getting famous. Many many people are writing blogs about those subjects. My blog is about the love. A subject I consider the most important thing you can add to your life. Love lasts forever. Trust me fame only last for a short time. 19 years living in Hollywood I would always hear people walking down the blvd saying, “who is that?”From someone that is sick often I can tell you when Death is stalking you he doesn’t care about the money you have. Try to find love every day. Fail at it. Keep trying to find love. In the end you’ll never be disappointed you did. Because one day true love will show up like an old friend. You’ll be so happy. one last thing never give up on life. When I was a teenager I tried to end my life. I’m glad I failed. I would never have gotten to experience all this happiness. I never in a million years thought back then I would be married for 23 years and have 4 great kids. Life has so much to offer. Keep looking for love every day.

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Good golly Molly

love bites


Today a stone at work a stone fell about 10 feet on my lower back. TO say it hurts is an understatement. It weighed about 30 lbs. I walked it off and went right back to work. On a lighter side I am trying to get use to using 2 jars of water when I paint. I have a bad habit of not cleaning my brushes between colors. I’m working on fixing that. I have patch on my back to relieve the pain. I hope it works. I don’ think I’m going to get a good night sleep. I will have a nice bruise tomorrow. Need to go take some pain meds.

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Why can’t I

why can't i except your love

Why can’t I except your love. First version.

modern art

Why can’t I except your love. Second version of piece

Been experimenting with my style. i don’t like the first version as much. I think it’s to busy. The wife liked it. The second version seems to be were I’m drifting these days. I call it comic doodles. I like the fun colors. The simple story telling the piece has yet if you dig into the piece it has a few layers to it. Had a much better day to day than yesterday. Not looking forward to going back to work. I will have to make it through each day by taking little baby steps. I have to keep reaching for my goals.

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You,me & crazy

crazy love

You, me &crazy. I’m bound to your crazy love.

Thanksgiving day parade and a Christmas parade crashed in my head. These parades were made mostly of marching bands. I’ve taken so much medicine that I’m dehydrated. I get sick often. When you are a person who gets sick often you can feel like a burden to your loved ones. It’s even tougher when you add four little kids to that mix. The wife though always the trooper. She gets my medicine. Keeps the kids quiet. Makes sure I’m getting enough fluids. It’s hard for me to just lie there. I want to get up and do work. I have so much work that needs to be done each day. Today I had no choice I couldn’t work my brain was on fire.  As the day went on I thought about how I’ve been married 23 years. Why have we stayed together? We weren’t the most romantic couple. Still aren’t. We are two very different people. We aren’t best friends finishing each others sentences. The one thing we have is passion. We still act like 2 teenagers in love. We still want to please the other person. We work very hard to carve out time for us. We were both told by friends and family when we first starting dating that we were crazy for getting together. I guess they were right we are still crazy… Crazy for each other. Never under estimate crazy.

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Every morning

every morning love

Every morning I need your love

I need love more and more in my life. Without love I can feel the very fabric of life disintegrating around me. I once was content to being alone. Now I’m addicted to love. I’ve had some of the pure stuff. The love that gives you that goofy grin. Love that makes you believe in the human race. I had a rough day hauling the 4 kids around all by myself as we hit the black friday sales. Nothing like chasing a 3 year old around stores because He thought the new game was run and hide. SO feeling a little exhausted. It was nice to get a hug from the wife when I came home. She saw how beaten up I was and made me soup from last nights turkey. In the last two days I have enjoyed family and chased deals on stuff. I have found no matter how trying family can be it doesn’t compare to the soul sucking that comes from shopping for stuff. Stuff that may only be used once. I need to spend some time to night snuggling with the wife.

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Thanksgiving feast

modern art thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving day feast modern art

Our Thanksgiving plans got canceled. We are scrambling to make something. We are not big eaters so Thanksgiving isn’t a high priority for us. We don’t get to many invites for Thanksgiving day. I understand we have 4 kids. We are a small army. We are a lot of work. I left the turkey in the cooler overnight outside but when its 28 degrees it doesn’t really thaw out. The bird was frozen solid. I am now cooking it frozen. Dinner will be late. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m only doing this because we like to give the kids memories. Let’s hope it isn’t a bad one. I can hear them now, “remember the time Thanksgiving went sideways?” “Dad made a complete mess!”

I have really been trying to be grateful these days. I want to give thanks for my family loving me. I want to give thanks for my health. Which lately hasn’t been to bad. Not to many headaches. I have also been sleeping. A huge blessing in my life. I’m thankful for art. I am thankful for music. I am thankful I get to be creative… When I can. Making baby steps to one day only doing art for a living. I pray my body can hold up until then.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day everyone. Draw a heart. Show love.

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