love heart broken

You put the pain in my eyes
I have to survive tonight
to remember I love you in the morning

Once is the last song on Maren Morris album Hero so this is my last drawing for this series. I love the creative process. I didn’t’t think I would finish tonights drawing. I lifted a sheet of plywood at my Dad’s and the wind almost blew it out of my hands. It caused me to fall. I felt a muscle in my right arm rip. I had to go to the pharmacy to get a heat pack. I was using it so much I notice my arm is burnt. The pain is killing me. I have taken a bunch of medicine to dull the pain. Which leads me to the topic of drugs. Do you need drugs to make art? No you don’t. Don’t fall into the trap of only waiting for a creative moment to hit. During the last 11 days I have worked on my dad’s house. Taken care of my four kids. Tried to get some acting work. I have been crazy busy. I made inspiration come to me. You to can make great art if only you try. I need to go ice my arm.

Show love. Draw a heart.