No time for Pain

I have no time for pain only love.
I have no time for pain only love.

People got mad at me for buying to many groceries this morning. That is how I started my day. Now I have 4 kids and I like to feed them so that is my fault. What is not my fault is the store only has 1 register open at 7am on a saturday morning. I then did a little work before taking my son to his music lesson. Were some person cuts us off and then gives us the finger. I try to keep it together. I tell my son about how I am working on my temper. He says he noticed I said son of a biscuit eater instead of the bad word. After dropping him off at home I run a errand for a friend. Help rescue a dog. Then get almost get into a major road rage incident. I am swinging back and forth like a wild pendulum. I need to get my act together. I am so tired. Not sleeping makes you crazy. Focus on love. I know I am doing better than I was a couple of years ago. I would have lost my temper all day long. Now I care about love. So I draw a heart.

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