New York city love

It was cold, rainy but we fell in love with your streets

in the last 72 hours I have slept less than 8. I’m very tired. The whole family drove to New York City for an audition. I had a screaming headache. It was pouring rain. It was cold. We didn’t have umbrellas. The drive up was actually easy. OI stopped at a redox and the kids watched The secret life of pets. That really helped out. Then we made it to Staton Island with no problem. We did have a little problem parking. Once we found the place it was easy. The guy at the parking garage was helpful. The we took the ferry. I would like to say it was the beginning of the magic spell that lead us to loving New York City.

The subway was a little confusing. The lady in the booth was helpful. She even googled where we were going on her on phone to make sure we were going the right way. The audition went well. Killion who can be a crank dialed up the cute. I couldn’t believe how well he did. It was also the first audition for my nephew. He did ok. We won’t hear about a callback for a few days. I’m hoping for one. Then we had lunch. We did get lucky for a little bit afterwards and it stopped raining. We got to enjoy Times Square. By the time we got to Rockefeller Center it was raining. The wind had kicked up. All the kids got soaked. They then wanted to go home. We will have to go back when the weather is nicer. It was magical seeing all the lights reflecting in the pools of water. I had been on many sets in Los Angeles that were suppose to be New York City. None really do the girl justice. The kids even enjoyed walking around. The wife started noticing peoples shoes. Which made me giddy. She isn’t much of a fashion person. She is mom mode with our four kids all the time it was nice to hear her talking about clothes for herself.

There’s a lot of people in New York city. ┬áPeople didn’t really jump out to help us. Though when we asked everyone was very nice. One lady I thought was going to give us money when she found out we had to take another subway ride because we went the wrong direction. I love city living. New York is the king of cities. At least that’s how I think. I did look over craiglists posting for an apartment today. I was still under the spell. The rent is close to Los Angeles prices. I could see myself living there some day.