My church + love

my church + love
When Hank brings the sermon
And Cash leads the choir
It gets my cold cold heart a burning

In a turkey coma. I”m surprised I was able to do a drawing tonight. The words in the picture are from Maren Morris song My church from the Album Hero. Go listen to the whole album if you haven’t. Not one dud song on the whole album. She has a incredible voice. This was an easy song to do a drawing for it is one of my favorites. I am a huge hank Williams fan and I love Johnny. I met Johnny Cash as a kid in Hawaii but that is a story for another time. I am very thankful I can spend time with my family. It’s getting late so I am going to hit the hay. I will need too add to this post tomorrow going over the creative process. I want to cover how it goes from imagination to a solid concept. I think anyone can be creative if they let themselves be.

Here was my rough sketch that started the process going.

my church
When Hank brings the sermon
and Cash leads the choir
It gets my cold cold heart a burning

I don’t like the perspective in the rough sketch. When I went to draw the second drawing I didn’t like framing of the car. I wasn’t happy with the results but I have a time frame to keep. This gets us into art really isn’t ever finished. You will need to move on or you will go hungry. People loved finished picture far more than I would have thought.

Show love. Draw a heart.

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