modern art kiss

Morning kiss

I love shapes. I love colors. Sooner or later I would do some modern art pieces. This is my first real attempt. It’s carry simple. I am sure most people could look at this piece and tell what its about. I was at work staining fiberglass doors which gave my mind time to roam. I thought about my marriage. How I can tell from the morning rituals if our relationship is going well. When things are different after 23 years I know we have unspoken problems. To me this is one of the worst things for a marriage. Once communication stops the problems build up at a fast rate. Soon the road block seems so terrible that nothing can solve it. Yet usually it can be fixed by a long walk and talk. I keep trying to be a good husband. It is never easy. I want to be selfish. It’s a constant fight to be open. I’m thankful my wife has the patience to wait for me to come around. If I could give one bit of advice to a couple it would be don’t match the other persons anger. Let the situation defuse. They talk things out.

Draw a heart. Show love.