rainbow, love, red, blue

There’s a rainbow outside that’s more red than blue.

Today’s drawing more red than blue rainbow was inspired by the John Prine song, Color of the blues. My rainbow has more red than his blue rainbow. I am trying to draw a piece that shows gratitude all month.(I started late on January 8th) The John Prine album For better, or worse is incredible. You should give it a listen. Some him live at the Hollywood bowl. He gave a great show. I keep trying to get attention for my gofundme campaign. I haven’t been very successful. No I know I should have done an email ┬álist. I just wanted 2017 to be better than 2017. 2016 was a rough year for this family. I feel the wheels coming off even more. I din’t get a callback for the commercial. It always bums me out. I will keep trying. I hanged out with the kids today more than I got any work done since they were home from school due to snow. I tried to be in the moment. I did ok the first time we went out and played in the snow. The second time I was grumpy. I could only think about the pressure of paying bills. Life could be worse. At least dreaming is free. I am falling behind with my goals. I need to keep to them if I am going to make it back to Los Angeles once the kids finish this school year.

Show love. Draw a heart.