More love in diet

Back to work.
Back to work.

It’s been a few days since I have posted anything. Thursday night my daughter broke her arm swinging off an exercise bar. Then on friday I decided to move the website to it’s own server. I was getting emails from my old host that I was maxing out my small little shared server account. I have almost 10 gigs of data. I tried at first to move it myself. I ended up getting frustrated. The new company I am hosting with moved it for free. Free my favorite. (Well I do have to host my account there) It is a good feeling knowing that I have paid for the server for a year. I am not going to stop drawing these hearts. I know I still need to work on being a more loving person and the world can sure use more love in it. If one of these posts have a positive effect on a person than every moment I put into it has been worth it. Let’s all draw hearts and make this world a more loving place.

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