moon love

I would would crawl to the moon for your love.

This didn’t turn out to bad. I needed to get tonight’s piece done early. Tomorrow my daughter goes on a field trip at 6:00am. I need to get everything ready for her to go. Plus I want to get a little sleep. It’s going to be a crazy morning with one cranky girl. She is not a morning person. If it was her brother no problem. Most likely I will carry her to the car. I feel good about my day. I was proactive and mostly positive. I have been a loving dad today. I didn’t let the stress of life get the better of my emotions today. I will never stop trying. I have ten projects right now in various stages of development. The best I’ve been at for years. I need to knuckle down on them. One by one I will finish them. 2017 is going to be my year.

Show love. Draw a heart.