love mistakes

My life is full of mistakes but you ain’t one of them

With the year coming to an end it got me thinking. In a few years I will have been married 25 years. Yes 25 years a quarter of a century. I never thought we would make it this far. Our first year of marriage was rough. We had to get counseling. We weren’t the over the top lovey dovey couple. We then struggled for many years to have children. For ten years we couldn’t have kids. We resigned to ourselves that we would be pet owners. Then out of the blue the children started coming. We now have four kids. My wife is one of the top five things in my life just joking she is the best thing that ever happened to me. That isn’t to say she doesn’t annoy me. She still does this weird girl screaming thing at random times that drives me nuts. She snores louder than anyone I have ever heard. Lucky for her when I’m asleep I don’t hear a thing.

I’m the crazy one. The artist. The dreamer. Always dragging us someone on a whim. She is the voice of reason. The calm in the storm. She may be the most unstressed person on the planet. She is the opposite of me in may ways. I have a lot of flaws. I really can’t believe she loves me as much as she does. In fact she may love me more than when we first got married. I joke that I married my stalker. She would ride a city bus from Los Angeles to Irvine California. (which I did for her when we first moved to California to visit one of her friends)

Here is some of the things we do well.

1. We keep it romantic. Have friends and hobbies outside of each other. So when you see each other you can be like, “How you doing?”

2. We don’t shy away from a fight. We deal with problems right away instead of letting them build up.

3.Support each. Even if you think it’s crazy. My wife has supported me to people even when she thought my ideas were crazy.

4. Act like you are still dating. By that I mean doing nice things like opening doors. Really listening.

That is just some of my thoughts on being married for over twenty years.

Show love. Draw a heart.