forever love, as you wish

Mirror, mirror on the
wall who is the
fairest??? You are babe.
You are…

It’s my son’s and wife’s birthday today. I’m lucky to get a drawing in today. I will take a moment to gush since my wife will never see this blog post. My wife loves me more each day which always surprises me. I’m a moody artist type. I drag her all over God’s creation. I have my head in the clouds most of the time dreaming. In short I am hard to love. Why she loves me so much I will never understand but I am thankful for every day. Without her I could never dream. I wouldn’t have four beautiful kids. (thank god they look like her) I would just be some angry guy in a cave complaining about life. Thank you hon for loving me. For helping this small heart of stone turn to flesh. Happy birthday babe I will love you forever.

Show love. Draw a heart.