I died the day I entered your heart

This drawing isn’t about physical death, it’s about death to oneself. I have been married for 24 years. I think this concept rings true if one wants to stay with someone for a long time. It’s hard to be in a relationship when you put ourself first all the time. I know this because I can be pretty selfish. I’m very lucky that my wife has put up with me for this long. It’s been rough since we have moved out to the east coast to help family. I haven’t helped them out as much as it’s helped me. I have had to do some big time adulting. (as the kids say) Many days I have been broken. Out of those broken pieces is growing a person that is more loving. I hope. It looks like we will be stuck out here for a year while trying to raise funds to get back. Getting rid of our rent controlled apartment in Hollywood was a big mistake. I’m learning from these failures. I plan to do release a few projects. I could be setting myself up for some big time failing or maybe just maybe I will succeed. I have no idea what that’s like but it would be nice to feel success. some day.

Draw a heart. Show love.