A jar I have to make in real life and fill.

A jar I need to make in real life and fill.

I would not have filled this jar today. I was frustrated all day. When technology doesn’t work it can make you crazy. My phone won’t make calls. I could get them. I could not figure out what was the problem. I think it’s the microphone. I did two resets. Now this is on top of my wife’s phone gone to its death. I have to jail break a old phone so she can have a working phone. I am starting to think we need a house phone. We haven’t had a house phone in over a decade. I drove to the sprint store in traffic to find out they couldn’t help me. They sent me to apple. Apple couldn’t get me a appointment for two days. Two days. Really. The best advice was to come in the morning early and hope to get lucky they will see me. I will just bundle up all my free time and make that happen. Oh, wait I have no free time. I will have to pay for going to get the phone fixed one way or another. Which meansĀ  a late night of working. I have to think about love. Let all the frustration go. I drew this heart tonight in hopes of remembering what is important.