love, heart, kindness

Hang in there love’s got you.

I am trying to hang in there. I am back to having headaches everyday no matter what I do. I could focus only on the negative in my life right now but I am choosing not to. If I was to count all the love I have in my life I would be a very rich man. That is what I need to focus on being positive. Every time I am about to give up the universe tells me to keep dreaming. I have been down many times to my last 5 dollars. I couldn’t afford the gas I needed to make it the filming of the commercial I was suppose to be in. Then people that loved me helped me get there. Floated me the money to keep going until I got paid. Life of an artists isn’t easy. We get use to disappointment. The funny thing is how much other artists help each other. There is a lot of love in the art community. We have all been down and out. Lived on a couch. Had only crackers to eat. Yet each and everyone of us keeps striving to make great art. You can let negative emotions get in your way. Or you can let love power you to the stars. Me I am going to let love boost me up.

Draw a heart. Show love.