Love is headed to it's destination.

Love is headed to it’s destination.

When a plane is flying in the clear blue sky we have no perspective on how fast it is going. I was talking to a friend tonight about how love is a plane flying to a destination we have chosen. We have dreamed about that place. We have put pictures up on the wall. We talk to anyone who will listen about the place. Then the day comes that we have dreamed about and we get on that plane. The thing is when we hit a little turbulence, the meal is bad or the movie sucks we head right to the escape hatch. We pull that lever and jump out the plane. Why? We know the best thing is to stay on that plane. We know where the plane is headed. It’s head to our dreams.  Love is traveling faster than we think if we can only stick with it through all the bumps we’ll get there to.