love mends

I’m broken
Your broken
we will mend

A little depressed today. I was hoping to get that part on the new Spike Lee project. It wasn’t much just a featured background actor. It would have been my first job in New York. I want to get out there and work. I love being on set. I have to start all over again. Getting people to know me. No casting person knows me. If they don’t know you the chances of getting a job are slim.

The kids have been acting crazy. It’s one of those days they are getting on my nerves. I know it’s because I am stressed about finding a job. Need to get some money coming in before I go broke. Christmas is going to be very slim this year. I need to let go of all the stress, I need to spend time snuggling with the wife. That always makes me feel better, We have each other. We have the kids. The mending always happens. Everything works out. I have to trust the universe.

Show love. Draw a heart.