You can't escape. Trust me I have tried

You can’t escape. Trust me I have tried

I recently started playing with shadows. I like putting different images in the shadows. Something simple can have a whole new meaning. As I look at the picture I think I could have done one heart with the same image on the bottom. I think it would have made it more powerful. I won’t know until I do another. Many times I have done several different version before I choose the one I post. Even with some of the very simple ones. I have thought about going back and showing a bunch of the drawings that I did use for each post. The problem with that is its a lot of work. I think I may do that on a vacation or over a holiday. I don’t think I can ever relax. I always have to be doing something. Today we starting shooting video for a crowd funding campaign for a exercise product I designed. This old brain is always turning. I enjoy doing a lot of different things. TO me there is so much in life to enjoy. I wish I had more time or didn’t need to sleep. One day I will relax but until then I will keep drawing these hearts.