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oh Halloween how we love you as a family
oh Halloween how we love you as a family

Today we went Halloween shopping. This is when I realize we have a lot of kids. One from the price of buying so many costumes. An we don’t buy the whole thing just pieces to complete an outfit. It got a little frustrating. The baby hates the car seat an does nothing but cry the whole time. Lucky we live in a big city so we don’t have to go to far. In the end everyone was happy. We had to stop at burger king to get a snack because we were all getting a little grouchy. Halloween is fun time for us. Are last kid will be the last one to wear the tiger baby costume. each and everyone has worn it. It makes me a little emotional when I see it. I promise I wont cry. Remember its not how you draw the heart but how much love you fill it with.

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