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Have your love stand out.

Tired. More like tap out. I worked on my book today. Feel like I hit a creative wall. I will watch a little Captain Fantastic tonight. Tired of looking for work. Hoping to make some money before my sons third birthday. I would like to get him a couple of presents. It’s not looking good. Really scraping the barrel right now. I need a break that is for sure. I could be angry about things. Instead I try to be more loving. Put the shopping cart back so someone has a better day. Doing little things every day to show the people around me I love them. It isn’t always easy. I want to give in. To do nothing. That really isn’t me I will keep pressing forward. Trying to make things happen. I have four months to make enough money to get back to California. I would like to make enough to buy a trailer so we have a roof over our head. Life is what you make it. I want to make it a great big BBQ with loved ones and friends.

Show love. Draw a heart.