love song + heart

I could use a love song
One that makes me believe
In starry nights
and you and me

Some days it’s easy to find that creative spark. I was inspired by Maren Morris ,”I could use a love song” from her album Hero. The lyrics inspired me to dig deep into my on life. To address the stuff I am dealing with. This is how the piece you make a piece yours. We all are inspired by something. We take that inspiration and transform it into something new. Something that’s from our heart. Right now life has me by the balls. Now I am not at the end of the road. I still have options. The option I am going with is to keep moving forward on my art. It is the reason I get up each day. Art makes me want to love the world. TO pick life up and kiss it’s boo-boos. Life may be bleak at times. Art shines a light on the dark times. That is why when evil is in power they try to get rid of art. There’s power in art that scares the demons of this world. That power is love. I will never give up loving. I will never give up on art.

Here is today’s rough sketch os Love song + heart

love song

I could use a love song
rough ketch idea

Show love. Draw a heart.