Love purple

Purple was her favorite color
Purple was her favorite color

Took the kids to see Finding Dory today. We went all out. We show it in 3D. Bought candy from concessions. The whole family went. Not to often we all go to the movies. I loved Finding Nemo. It is one of my favorite movies. So well written. The animation in this new movie is insane. I think it was pretty good. Not as good as the first one but up there. All the kids enjoyed the movie. The two year old only lost it at the end. He started walking around.

The good thing was it was only the last ten minutes. Then we went to five guys burgers. The kids loved smashing the peanuts. It was a great sunday. One that we will always remember. My son lost a tooth later and is waiting for the big payday. I am tired. Need sleep. Need to spend a little time with momma before we both zone out.

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