love leaves a large shadow

when two become one
when two become one

Love has been the most complex thing in my life. I have been on tv shows. I have auditioned for big name directors without a problem. I have done stand up. I have preformed in front of a large crowd. Stuff that makes most people nervous. The strange thing is the one on one personal relationships make me nervous. There is still times with my wife I get all tongue tied. Love confounds. Science keeps trying to break it down to no real avail. I don’t think I am attracted to someone because of their body odor. There is the mind and body always fighting with each other. The good thing is that there seems to be an endless supply. Trust me there has been many times I thought people would run out of love for me yet they keep on loving me. I hope to fully understand love one day until then I will keep drawing a little love each day.

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