draw a heart, love heart

love isn’t a game

Some days the sun shines. Some days it rains. Then there’s days you never come out of your room and you have no idea what is going on in the world. You are so caught up in your own problems you notice nothing else. I can not get out of this rut I am in right now. I keep trying. I worked on my kids book today. I did figure out the formatting. I need to tweak the story a little. Then finailze the art work. I’m happy with that progress. I was really happy to find a story I wrote a couple years ago. I forgot all about it until I found that notebook. I have done more work than I am aware of. That is why you right stuff down. Life can spin you around but the notebook doesn’t lie. It always has what you put in it. My brain on the other hand depends on how much stress I have going on in my life. Plus having four kids never make it easy. I am always being pulled in a hundred directions. I plan on having so fun with my son tomorrow metal detecting on the beach. I hope my son finds lots of money. It will make him very happy.

Show love. Draw a heart.