love is magic

When people say love isn’t magic
I show them what my heart looked like before you came into my life

I was sitting at a light waiting for the green arrow. Lost in my thoughts. I keep thinking where did I go wrong. Did I make a wrong turn. Did I stop when I should of being going. Then it dawned on my I had gone exactly where I wanted to go. I didn’t get the result I wanted. Much like the store I was headed to that proved to be closed. Someone had gone home earl. I had no control of what had happened. ┬áThe only control I had was my reaction. I went down the street to grab a nice cold drink. I have a wife that loves me. Great kids.I know who I am. I know what makes me happy. I have a lot going for me. More than I sometimes think. I need to spend the new year focused on having positive thoughts about my life.

Show love. Draw a heart.