hitting depression

fighting depression

I am tired. My youngest kid is teething. He is getting up through the night no matter what we do. When I get tired I don’t do a lot of work. When I don’t do a lot of work I get a depressed. I base a lot of my happiness on the amount of work I can get done. That isn’t what I should base my life on. This morning I heard him laughing in his sleep. If you have ever heard a baby laugh in their sleep you know it’s one of greatest sounds. What should I base my happiness on? If everything is good or if I am making money or have lots of friends? As I get older its not really any of those things at the core. The core of happiness is how much am I growing love in my heart. The more love I grow in my heart I find I don’t care about those things. What I care about is then showing people love and the strange thing is the more I do that the better my life seems and the happy I am. I have to keep drawing these hearts each day to remind myself what is important, love is important.