love in the blues

there is love even in the bad times
there is love even in the bad times

I have had some very bad moments in my life. No matter how dark the times were there was always a glimmer of love holding me. Without that glimmer of love I don’t think I would have stuck around. We all have that bit of love. There are people loving us even when we push them away. Back then I never knew how good life could be. I urge every person going through a rough time to hold in there. Love will come along and set you free. More free than you have ever been. Today I am a very blessed man to be loved as much as I am. That isn’t to say that I haven’t put the time in. I strive every day to give my children the most loving environment. I try every day to put my thoughts on being more loving. I fail. I dust my self off and keep trying. We can all be loving to one another if we try. Draw a heart and think of being loving today to someone. It may be the thing that keeps them going.

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