Let's all get together and love one another

Let’s all get together and love one another

Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than having to hold the hand of a stranger. Our brains are hardwired to interact with other human beings. Then why are we spending so much time avoiding one another. I would rather view a picture of a person than be with that person. I would rather read about someone’s misfortunes than hear about it firsthand. To see their grief would make me uncomfortable. Before kids I kept to myself. I wouldn’t talk with my neighbors. Now I know most of them. They all don’t like me but that doesn’t matter. I am interacting with them. I am sharing their love,grief and happiness. They are sharing in my love, grief and happiness. We are communing. It’s a step for me being a more loving person. It not easy. I want to regress to my old ways but I can’t. The door has been opened. Get to know your neighbors, draw a heart and think about love.