When we don't have the strength love dreams for us.

When we don’t have the strength love dreams for us.

I am a dreamer. I live in Hollywood. I work in the entertainment business. It’s a tough business full of rejection. I have reached the wall a few times. I take a deep breath. Dust off. An I try again. If I didn’t love it I would have been gone a long time ago like most people that come out here to make it in Hollywood. I have talked to successful people in this town and they all say the same thing. This town was beating the crap out of them and everyone around them was telling them to throw in the towel. They just couldn’t. They loved it to much. You have to really love making art deep in your soul to keep going on each day after so much rejection. I will keep trying.I will never give up. I keep drawing hearts every day to remind myself that even though I pursue a dream of working in this town. I have a bigger dream of being a more loving person.