Love cautioned

what cautions or stops us from truly loving
what cautions or stops us from truly loving

I know there are a number of things that hold me back from truly loving. I had a rough childhood. I guard my heart very strongly. I would have to sat that having children of my own has caused me to open my heart. At least to try and open my heart. I want my children to grow up in a very loving home. We may not have a lot in the financial sense but we have a lot of love.(mostly from my wife) One thing my more wealthy friends think when hanging with my family is how happy they are. They are so use to the belief that you have to have money to have a happy childhood. Which surprises me because most of them aren’t happy. Did they forget they had a unhappy childhood. Yet some how we lie to ourselves that our children need the best. When in fact it is us who want the best. Our children want to be loved. Yes they have to be taken care of but a thrift store spoon works just as well as a gold spoon. Every day I hope by drawing these hearts that I can give my kids the loving childhoods they need by focusing on the positive of life.

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