love valleys

I want to kiss every one of your valleys

As I struggle to make it through the day I can only think about how long I have been married. I have been loved by the same woman for over two decades. I think she loves me more than when we first met. I still desire her. She is my strength. It’s amazing how much strength one can get from being loved. When you are a creative person this can be the full to get you over your doubts. Trust me the more I venture down the creative path the more doubts there is. I fight my way through every doubt. I climb those summits because love is fueling me. I pray that we will still be loving each other as much 20 years from now. Time will tell. I know the only thing that can tear us apart is me. I just have to never let doubt turn to self loathing. To hating myself. I have been down that road many times when I was younger. Love’s light has shown me how dark and dangerous that path is. It is love that veers me to being positive and proactive.

Show love. Draw a heart.