Some days that's all you have

Some days that’s all you have

As a artist of any kind you are always pushing yourself. We push our selves financially, physically and spiritually. There are times in our life that we keep making art even though are bank account says stop. We buy art supplies with our last few days. The art is burning in the inside so strongly that if we don’t get it out we will be engulfed in its flames. There are times that we are beat up by this life. WE have to work a back breaking job to make ends meet. We could easily sit around on the couch doing nothing. We have to get the creative inspiration out of us or we will toss and turn all night. There are times when the world is dark inside of us. When we have lost our way. We can no longer connect to the great muse. We force ourselves to start making art. It is our beacon to the great muse to please come back and bless our us once again. Today was all three of those things. I really wanted to throw my hands up in the air. To give up. TO take and long hot shower and get 8 hours of sleep. I couldn’t because I had a heart to draw. I have to keep to my goals. I have to show my children what love can do. I will keep drawing this hearts every day because I have hopes. Hopes that love will keep inspiring me to be a better man and artist.