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the stars

This blog isn’t about making money. It’s not a blog about getting famous. Many many people are writing blogs about those subjects. My blog is about the love. A subject I consider the most important thing you can add to your life. Love lasts forever. Trust me fame only last for a short time. 19 years living in Hollywood I would always hear people walking down the blvd saying, “who is that?”From someone that is sick often I can tell you when Death is stalking you he doesn’t care about the money you have. Try to find love every day. Fail at it. Keep trying to find love. In the end you’ll never be disappointed you did. Because one day true love will show up like an old friend. You’ll be so happy. one last thing never give up on life. When I was a teenager I tried to end my life. I’m glad I failed. I would never have gotten to experience all this happiness. I never in a million years thought back then I would be married for 23 years and have 4 great kids. Life has so much to offer. Keep looking for love every day.

Draw a heart. Show love.

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