8-bit art

A little 8-bit inspired art

I grew up on video games. In fact there was no video games until I was about 8 years old. Yes I am old. I loved playing video games so much that I stole money from my Dad’s wallet. I got in a lot of trouble for that. I lived and breathed video games. I would beg for change outside the arcade. It was a much simpler time. I would get a couple of bucks each day. I could makes those quarters last. I was thinking about the game Defender when I did this piece. I wanted to try not using all black background. I will have to try a piece with a black background to see which one I like better. I keep experimenting with my art. I think its the only way to find those incredible pieces. Ryan Adams was talking about writing a song on the piano today. He said he like the piece he did but the song he was looking for was 10 more deep. We have to keep experimenting. It’s never easy to bare your soul. Though if you want to make true art one must reach into the places we are scared to show.

Draw a heart. Show love.