Heart, love

Keep sending love the world needs it.

Fought a headache all day. The people that hate us living above them are back. I spent most of the day out of the house with the family so they wouldn’t complain. The only good part was it was at the library. Got a library card and some books for the kids. I’m always happy when they are reading. The all need to improve their reading. they only want to be on their iPads. Which I know is my fault. But this year the picked up a little love for reading which I am trying to fan into a flame. I love to read. I did some writing today on my novel which was nice. That’s even with the headache. I wish I would have gotten more done. But I am picking up steam. Getting better of letting the words flow out of me without correcting. No rewriting as I write.

All in all with everyone I know saying how doomed we are with Trump being president I had a pretty good day. My life at this point hasn’t been effective. I doubt it could get worse but you never know. What I know is my family loves me. I still can make something happen. I have a world of opportunity in front of me. I will keep doing the work today. Tomorrow will take care of it self.

Show love, Draw a heart.