You keep this ol’ heart from growing cold

It’s been awhile since I posted any art. I have been busy writing. Not to mention trying to keep up with my four kids. We are starting to gear up for our move back to Los Angeles. Which isn’t easy when you have 4 kids, 2 cats and a lizard. Imagine all the work it takes getting a circus moving. We have really missed the weather and our old friends.. It’s been a cold winter here on the east coast. I hope this will be our last winter. I don’t really need to see snow again. One of the nice things I have been doing is reading again. I’m really trying to make money with my art. It hasn’t been easy.

I’m really thankful for any one that checks out my art. My goal is to send out a positive message. I need to focus on the writing aspect of my blog. I can ramble on. I am working on adding material that will be helpful in people’s lives.

Draw a heart. Show love.