love forever

I hope you jump
into love
with me forever

A day of headaches. Frustration. I didn’t do anything for my goals. Each day they get further away. I need to focus. I thought of this piece while listening to the new OneRepublic album. Music makes up so much of my creative process. I can’t live without music. I don’t like silence. I did enjoy taking time for the kids to play on the beach. I haven’t gone to the beach this much in a very long time. It’s been a great place to think.

It’s been tough on our marriage since moving out here to the east coast, I feel so alone. All our friends are back in Los Angeles. Our love has been tried here, We are growing stronger together as a couple but it has come at the cost of a few arguments. This is the most we have had in two decades. That is what happens during trying times. I believe we will get through this. We need to find a place we can call our own. We need the dust to settle around us. The feet are getting tired of moving all the time. I need to communicate more. I need to love more. I can’t let the pressure get to me. It only makes things worse. Focus on the good. Be proactive. Be positive.

Show love. Draw a heart.