I can wish plus love

I can wish
But I’m not, I’m not
the one
because you are looking
for true

This could have been my High School theme song. I could wish to be in love but I never was the one. Spent a lot of time in the friend zone liking girls I shouldn’t have been chasing after. I am happy this piece turned out better than I had hoped. It has been one of those days nothing seems to be going right. Which only causes me to struggle more. I need to let go. I can only try not force. I finally calmed down and watched part of a movie. Once I did that ideas started pooping into my head. I also keep getting inspired by Marren Morris. I hope I can see her in New York. That show hasn’t gone on sale yet so I have a chance of getting a ticket.

Show love. Draw a heart.

Here is my sketch of I wish + love.

wish for love

I can wish + love sketch