love. married, you

I passed away when me became we

I’m the kind of person that reaches for a star. Then once I am there I think can I make it to that star. Its not that I am unhappy with my station in life. It’s I never stop dreaming. Ever curious. All this is because I am so loved. Having that solid foundation under my feet gives me that rocket pad to build my space ship to the stars. I love my wife. I love my kids. It’s been a tough year but we are making the best of it. We just got an audition for a 27 days film shoot. This would be life changing. The odds of us getting it our very slim. But I am really happy. Why? Because we have a chance. No matter how slim. We will keep reaching for the stars as a family. What I love more than anything is my kids see how they can reach for any thing they can dream up. Nothing makes me smile more than raising a family of dreamers.

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