I fell in love

I fell in love and I never want to get up.
I fell in love and I never want to get up.

It felt like my brain was on fire all day yet I still gave my kids piggyback rides to bed. I was barley able to keep food in my stomach. I am starting to fear going to sleep again. I keep going to bed and waking up with a screaming headache. I wish I knew what caused it. Now you would think I would be sad. Well I am not. It’s all a part of life. In all my pain today a good thing happened. A musician friend reached out to me and wants to record his next EP inspired by my drawings. It really made me feel better. I was very humbled that someone with such talent would want to work with me. This year is really starting to shape up. Who knows some day I may be able to pay my bills with these doodles. I have no idea how much longer I will be alive so everyday I am trying to live like it’s my last.

Care about love. Draw a heart.

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