love, heart

I cried the 4 oceans 7 seas and the great lakes because I took love for granted

Getting nostalgic as I pack boxes for there big move. We’ve lived in California for almost two decades. I can tell from the dust on all the stuff stuffed in the closet. I have headshot with long hair. I had hair when I came out here and now that I am leaving I’m nearly bald. At least I can play One Punch Man. We’ll be leaving in less than a month. I worry so much about the kids fitting in. It keeps me up at night. ATHis is going to be a big change. I hope it all works out. I pray as a family our bonds of love grow stronger during this move. I love how close we are now I don’t want to lose that. We will take a little California free spirit with us.

Draw a heart. Show love.