draw, love, heart

Our love is hotter than red pepper flakes.

Ran around today getting stuff done. I had to go up to my dad’s house to grab 2 mattresses I ordered. Trying to fix up his condo while we live in it. Once again people complaining that my kids make to much noise playing with toys. I mean there is one one person in the whole building and they have to complain. There weren’t even polite than just went right into yelling at us. You think older people would be kinder. No. They didn’t want to hear anything from us. It’s hard to be loving in those circumstances, I want to fly off the handle. Instead I was polite. Life is a serious of small decisions that keep you out of prison. Just joking. It’s about trying to make the best of this world no matter what. We still haven’t found a place that welcomes us. Hopefully some day.

Show love, draw a heart.