Heaven reached down and kissed me

Working on getting our stuff consolidated down to fit in a 29 foot trailer. It’s not easy. We lived in an a apartment for almost 20 years. Sometimes I miss the space. I do like a nice kitchen. I am hoping setting up a grill area will solve that problem. The kids don’t mind to much. Having a space for all their clothes has been the biggest problem with them. They run around and play any where. I spent to much of the day working on moving my stuff around instead of projects that can bring income in. I need to make finishing projects my main priority each day. I want to finish a bunch of projects that could bring in passive income in. I filmed are 7th youtube video. It didn’t go well. The kids kept distracting me. I ended up not filming parts. That I thought I had filmed but must of not hit the record button. Got stressed out. I need to plan my days out better.

Draw a heart. Show love.