heart, love

You, me and a heart breaker tune.

Rushed to get tonight’s heart drawing done. I didn’t draw Ryan Adams very well. I do like the stage and seats. I will have to redraw the picture. It’s not bad. Heading out for a date night with the wife. First real one in 11 years. The sister should be here any minute. We have one sick little one but it’s not to bad. The little one could be a problem. I hope he doesn’t throw a fit so bad we have to come home. Here’s hoping for a good night. Taking a Uber to the show. Trying to be relaxed and in the moment. I have been wanting to see Ryan Adams for years but overtime he had a show I was to broke to go. We have pretty decent seats. Though most seats at the Greek aren’t bad. It’s a small venue.The bonus is seeing Jenny Lewis new band.

Draw a heart. Show love.