snow day, snowing, love

The kids enjoyed their first snow storm. It was our first snow day as a family.

We got to enjoy our first snow day as a family. There was a lot of excitement. Some crying. My daughter didn’t like how snow made her hands cold. The got use to it as the day dragged on. We want to try sledding tomorrow but don’t know where to go. It was one of those loving family times. Great bonding moments. Tried out Facebook live. Everyone wanted to see how the kids reacted to the snow. They are California kids at heart. We aren’t built for snow I can tell you that.

I worked a little on my gofundme campaign. I need to do a revamp on it. I want to make a fun shareable video. The one that is there now is a little boring. I really want to do this full time. It would be great to do nothing but drawaheart to pay the bills. Life is still good if it doesn’t work out. I will do my best to keep posting everyday. need to finish up and get my son to bed. Days drawing was inspired by, The snowy day by Ezra Jack Keats. My picture doesn’t do his art work justice. Check out the book if you want a great story and art work.

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