glimpses of love

Glimpses. Glimpses is all I caught of you. I was almost lost in the spinning of the day if it wasn’t for those glimpses.

It has been a full day. I finished up my gofundme campaign. It took a lot of love to finish the video. I got it done on time. Very happy with myself today. Hanged out with the kids. My two youngest spent at least an hour jumping of chairs because they were airplanes. Than they had to high five me after they landed. Started to get ready for our family audition on tuesday. It’s going to be a long drive. I hope that everyone does well. (really the 2 year old) He can be a bear. It could become a longer trip if he decides to crank it up. Going to hit the hay. It was a late night last night and when you have kids they don’t care the still get up at the same time. Early. There was no sleeping in. In all the hype of the day my daughter who is 9 decided to draw a heart herself. Below is her piece.

eden scott

It’s just to awesome.I can’t even compete with it.

Show love. Draw a heart.