love every day

Glad I spent the day home loving you instead of going to work.

Spent the day hanging with family. It felt great. Even when there was yelling. Even when it feels like my life is falling apart my family makes me think everything is going to be alright. We will make it through another year. We’ll be stronger for it. The best part about a small town is getting pictures with Santa is free. Plus we go face painting, cookies and hot chocolate. Then we went of a horse drawn wagon ride. We wanted to stay for the tree lighting ceremony but we got to cold. Our blood hasn’t thicker up yet we are still use to southern California weather. As of right now we are planning to head back to California after the kids get out of school. Delaware hasn’t lead to any opportunities for us. I think I can find more work out there since I have almost two decades of contacts. The kids have been enjoying the slower life. I just can’t shake the city from my blood. I love the energy of living in a city.

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